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Bob-O's Pixel tools have been updated


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Miip has an actual installer and notifies the user when a new version is available!     The others are just executables.  

What are you needing miip to do which it doesn't already?  ;-P                Last year and this year there are many upgrades to the MIIP companion software I call Scroller.  It generates non-musical sequences from scratch to display on pixel signs. 

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Well, that's what I get for not trying it first.  It came up with a popup saying that I was using an obsolete version and I should download the current version.  I now have on this computer.  Will update the show computer next time it is powered up (expected mid October).

Nope, nothing I need updated that I know of.  Granted it will be close to two months before I do anything with it...

You're good Bob!


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