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Lost dmx values from S4 sequence to S5

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I spent alot of time programming two moving heads with 11 channels in S4 under a dmx universe 1 (channels 1-11 & 12-22).  I have two laptops.  On my programming computer, yesterday I upgraded to S5, I have a Pro license.  I got pretty far but noticed that any S4 sequence dmx programming I did for the moving heads, it did not transfer to S5 5.5.4.  Where did it go or how can I find it?  I have no conflicts and all green check marks.  It just did not transfer.

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I'll reimport one of my 2018 S4 sequences tomorrow and see what happens to the dmx channels with 5.5.4. They came in OK 18 months ago but that was in 5.1 I think.

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Thank you for fixing this issue in 5.5.6.  I really appreciate it.  It's the first thing I checked after the update.  All the dmx data on the sequences, came over. 

oh, and the save close and reopen at the last grid view is cool, too!

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