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5.5.4 always opens sequnce with "Show All Items" view


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Something I have noticed with 5.5.4 that I don't remember in the past.  I have several views that I use in sequencing, but I spend the vast majority of my time in a view called "Normal Sequencing View".  Every time that I open the sequence, it comes up in the "Show All Items" view.  It would appear that the state of the sequencer or the sequence is not being saved as it was in the past.

Not a big deal, as I just have to first realize why everthing is different, and then change views.  The second part takes about 5 seconds - the first part depends on how awake I am :)


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+1 on that, was going to report it.  

Also, when selecting a motion effect from the drop down, it regularly does not show any options.    That is, you select Colorwash and Mode etc are not there.   selecting a different one and then coming back and they usually show up. 

And, if you put in a motion effect say like a spinner and then you change it.   For example, copy pasting over the top of it to change to a different effect..    Then when you play it back, the original effect shows/    I have seen it appear in different ways, i originally had a fade in an area an then removed it.    When i play back that area, it still plays with the fade.  Another time i changed the color of a spinner and 3/4 of the way through, it changed to the original color.  I find i have to close the sequence, reopen it and reapply the motion effect to fix it.    

Maybe related, but i think is a positive thing is that I can not select part of a motion effect and then SHift/A and edit just that part.   It used to edit the entire effect, not just the selected part.   I like the new behavior since it avoid having 2 motion effects rows to just have 2 similar affects side by side. 

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With that being said my out of order props continue to be a continuing issue.

It still takes about 15 mins to sort channels off I sequence in channel level.

It is every time and the only savior I have is that I spent many hours naming each channel.

And yes, I to experience the Show All Items tab. If I don’t look I catch myself starting to sequence in it.

Will be a great fix.


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JR, Are your props out of order on the Show All Items view or on a view that you have created?  And have you exported the configuration after getting it the way you want it; then imported that config so that you get you views and layouts for new sequences?

The only issue I am referring to in this thread is that which view is being used is not saved so that it always starts with the "Show all items" view instead of the view that was being used on the last sequencing session.


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