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Chuck Knapp

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Jeff Millard wrote:

Chuck Knapp wrote:
Hello all.... new user here.

Does anybody know if AB Input/output cards can be used in conjunction with LOR software and controllers?

Chuck Knapp

If a DIO card can interface with Measurement Computings Instacal it can be used with LOR. There are some boards pre-PCI bus from National Instruments that will work with the Instacal driver. If the Allen Bradley boards are 16 bit ISA bus cards, there is a possibility they will be recognized by Instacal and installed, thereby making them usable with LOR. There isn't much discussion about this, but there were a few threads way back about someone who got a 96 channel NI card with an ISA bus to work with Instacal. He had to set micro switches on the board. I believe that's the barrier on the PCI bus, there is no way to address the boards that are not designed for use with Instacal. The name of the other common PCI bus board that works with Instacal escapes me right now, but when I was looking for one (when I knew what they were called) I couldn't find them anywhere. My suggestion for you would be, if the A/B boads are ISA bus cards... download and install the Instacal software available on the Measurement Computing website. Set the device ID using micro switches... It will have them if it's an ISA card. Try to install the card with the Instacal utility. If you can see the card in Instacal... you can control it with LOR.

If it works, post the model number of the card here. I'd like to know what works so I can have a list of the cards people can use.

I am one that have an ISA NI card working.
As Jeff said, the ISA bus is a direct hardware address system.if the card is a standard parallel DIO, Instacal can address it. PCI cards use the CPU and drivers to work, and thus must have instacal support or they won't work.
I think the AB cards yuo are referring to are PLC cabinet type cards? if so, then I think you are out of luck.
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Yes LOR can control an Allen Bradley 1746-aI16 Input card. Has to be ON or OFF signal ( 1 or 0 ) no dimming or twinkel commands to the 1746-AI16 card.

And Yes an Allen Bradley 1746-OW16 Can Start A LOR Controller Show. You just have to figure the amount of time that ur show runs and set a timer in ur ladder that will not restart until ur show has ended..

I have a 1000 Channel 800 Amps Allen Bradley Industral Computers and two 16 Channel LORs hooked up together-Running RSLinx (to make everything Communicate), RSLogix500 (Ladder), RSView32 (Interface), RSMessenger (To notifiy me), RSKeyPad (For touch Screen Keyboard), RSWaves (To Play waves files), Allen Bradleys Panelbuilder32 ( For the Panelview550), and DL20 Software For the active Display.

This has been a project for me for the last 7 years, learning how to do the programming and retrofiting has been a joy to do I hope to build my second display this year hoping for 750,000 lights plus.

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