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Pumpkin Arch and Animatronics.

Eric Roberts

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It occurred to me that I should share this here. Everything is light O Rama. The pumpkin Arch, the floodlights, and both animatronic puppets. All runs from a mini MP3 director.

this is a parody some friends and I did of a song from Frozen. Rewritten for Halloween. One of several songs we do for the folks waiting in line.

Love is a Rotting Corpse

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On 9/23/2020 at 5:16 PM, J.J. said:

Wow. Color me impressed with your animatronics!

Thank you very much! I've enjoyed building them and coming up with material for them to perform.  

Its all hand programmed in the Sequence editor.  No auto anything other than the fill command to smooth out movements. 

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