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Pixcon16 running off Gen4 Mini Director need help getting started.


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Last year I bout the TSO Signature Series starter package with all of the options (tree, floods, editable sequences, etc).

This year, sadly 2 weeks before the summer sale, I bought another CTB16PC. Easy peasy set it and forget it to id 03 for leaping arches.

During the summer sale I said,"WTH," and threw down for the 12V-16x100 Bullet Pixel Package with the PixCon16 Controller "Plug-n-Show".

This is where the problems begin. I hooked it up to my Gen4 Mini Director (G4MD) and only the first 6 pixels on any channel of the controller do anything. I put the PixCon in to test mode and all the light function as expected. So not quite as plug-n-show as I had hoped but, I had expected it would not be that simple. I know I am am probably going to have to do some sequencing for the new Pixels. Unfortunately, the documentation is a bit thin on using PixCon with the G4MD. I gather the unit needs to be in LOR mode but I can't seem to get it to be seen by any of the software (most current showtime with Pro) on my laptop. 

At this point I have more questions than answers and I am not even sure where to start. My google foo is weak can't seem to find and tutorials on the PixCon. 

Can someone point me in the right direction on this?



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Well for starters, it sounds like the sequence or sequences you are using are designed around simple 16 channel setup for the arches.  Now you are trying to drive far more channels.  So yes, you get to do some sequencing.

I have never looked at the TSO signature series, so I don't know what they are based on (from a channel configuration), so I can't offer much help there.  I also have never used any director (never even seen one), so I am certainly no expert there.  However, I do understand that the PixCon16 would need to be in LOR mode and it MUST operate on an Enhanced LOR network.  


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@k6ccc(and one else who can help) TSO signature series has ton in there from running multiple 16 channel controller for led/incandescent lights, multiple pixel trees of varying sizes, RGB Floods etc. again I understand none of whats there may not be capable of running the PixCon. 

A couple things 1. When testing connected to the G4MD via the LOR in/out RJ45s the pixcon status leds indicate good power and data is being received. 2. Also as mentioned before it recognizes part of those sequences as something because first 6 pixels do activate and run to the music. (I understand I need to sequence specifically for this thing.) 3. I have confirmed the network is is running enhanced LOR. 4. When I plug the PixCon into the laptop via ethernet to ethernet it is found in the Network Preferences,  J3/J4 is checked for use on ELOR

At this point I cannot get data sent to the PixCon from the sequence editor. Not sure if I should keep it plugged in via ethernet or use the usb to Rj45 dongle since it will be running via LOR enhanced (neither work). I added it as a new prop in the previewer via Add Item > Add LOR Device > Pixcon16 >device type LOR > unit ID starting with 90 (only place I did not get conflicts) pixels per port 100. I added the "prop" to the time line of a sequence added a motion effect row on port 01 of the prop and added a simple chaser to the sequence for the first minute or so. Playing the sequence in the editor shows the chase in the playback window but the pixel con hardware never shows as receiving data when hooked up to the laptop (power led on, Status LED blinking). 

Also I guess I should mention that being plugged directly in to the PC the network preferences utility forced the unit to have a static ip when checking the pixcons network configuration (J3/J4 checked for ELOR).

I must be missing something in here.



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