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I have purchased 2 x pre loved light o rama setus the software i have is version 2.7.6 and the second setup was configured on 3.11.2. I am trying to open the sequences that were saved on 3.11.2 and am getting an error appear saying No Channel with saved index 128 found. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what may be the problem with opening these sequences. 



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9 minutes ago, Don said:

2.x versions of the software can't open sequences saved in 3.x, etc.

Thanks Don, Do you know if they can be saved as older versions from the new version of the software? 

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7 minutes ago, Don said:

They can not.

Thanks Don, Do you know the method for updating the licence when I was not the purchaser of the licence key originally? Or is this a contact light o rama thing? 


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