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Anyone ever used Fiber Optics in their light display?


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Hi!  I want to purchase this sleigh: https://www.frontgate.com/fiber-optic-led-sleigh/927181?listIndex=1&uniqueId=927181 to use in my Christmas display. It says it's LED Fiber-optic. Has anyone had success using this with their LOR controller? I just want to make sure it's going to function before I spend so much money!



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*IF* it's normal operating status is that you plug it in and it powers on, then you would be able to use it with an AC LOR Controller. You would NOT want to fade, twinkle or shimmer that channel. Just on/off.

If it requires you to push a button to turn it on, then you wouldn't be able to use it.

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Went and looked at it.  Doesn't really look to be fiber-optic from it's description when it states 30 LED lights, and from the video, it looks more like a LED Strand was inserted into pre-drilled holes in the sleigh at varying points.  I was not impressed by the way it was displayed lit in the extremely abrupt video and the cost for what you're getting just seems way over-priced for this item.   And if you read the reviews, one bad one says the person bought it, used it one season, light burned out and was replaced, but still didn't work after doing so.    So this may be a revamped model with a 30 LED light strand that just plugs into a standard electrical outlet.   The description of this item is so vague, there no way to know if this is what it is, is it really fiber optic or just exactly how the points of light on it are lit.  But it does look more like a standard LED bulb stuck through a hole than a fiber optic to me.

Just know without a lot more information on this product, such as a better description of how exactly is it lit at each point, does it use a regular bulb to illuminate those points, does it plug into a standard electrical outlet or does it use some form of adapter to power it, are the lights  just steady burning or is there some type of controller connected to them.    So many unanswered questions that would make me steer far away from this particular item for me.

There is a spot on the page to send a question to a supposed "expert", but I've used those before and found these so-called "experts" many times can't answer the question with details I needed to know if something would work or not within my display.   But you can attempt that route and see if they may know something that isn't posted in their actual description.

Just my opinion from what I can see and make out from the pictures and extremely short video.  Just know for the cost, what I read and the pictures/video, I wouldn't even attempt to buy this particular sleigh.

Good Luck.

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