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sequencing with a new device (non-LOR, non_RGB)


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In S4 I would use Pixel Editor to control my RGBs and shove the output channel/sequence into the sequence editor which controlled the AC lights on/off  , and the software would merge those together into one playable sequence.

I want to be able to sequence another device/channel (non-LOR, non-RGB) and be able to merge that into an existing playable sequence.  Basically how RGBs were before S5.....how can I merge a new technology into S5?

Or is it purely a closed system?



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That did not answer the question.  What is the protocol?  It is a simple on/off or variable levels?  How many channels?


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Proprietary protocol over IP.

It is not simple on/off nor variable levels. It's more like command messages to the device.  1 channel per device. 

So a channel would be a series of message commands to the device.  But I'd like to play it in time with respect to the other lor and rgb channels. 

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28 minutes ago, christmascrossing said:

Do you mean remote control?  How could I synchronize the remote control with an lor sequence? 

If it has a remote control device with push buttons, you can can wire up to the buttons and simulate the buttons with relay contacts that are controlled by a LOR controller.


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Both S4 and S5 can control devices using the LOR, Enhanced LOR, and DMX (via USB or E1.31) protocols. S4 also supported Digital IO, Dasher, and X10 controllers, but S5 does not. Unfortunately, I don't see how either one would support the type of device you are describing.


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