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5.5.2 Export to .lms - Keep Grid Configuration?


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Experimenting with the new feature of exporting from S5 back down to S4 - so far they're coming over with the "Show All Items" grid configuration only; is there a setting to export it with an S5 specific grid configuration in tact? For people who are just sequencing in S5 then converting to S4 without any further intent to sequence, how it's set up works totally fine, I'm just trying to experiment with the possibility of editing back in forth in both versions so I can work on my S4 laptop when travelling (S5 is on the desktop). Not completely necessary, just wondering if anyone's found a setting (or if Matt will see this post first).


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Thanks Matt! I keep the two separate computers because sometimes I have people who still want me to sequence shows for them in S4 (I try to have people upgrade whenever possible though) - if the backwards grid configuration ever becomes an option, awesome, otherwise I'll just save the S4 specific work for if I have to travel (with the laptop)!

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