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Audio file sync question


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I am using Sequence Editor v4.4.4

When I play the sequence using the play range for visible screen, my audio file doesn't appear to sync with the location within the sequence that I am editing. When playing the full sequence range, there are no sync issue while editing or communicating with the controllers. 

This is a bit of a hassle because I am forced to play the full range when making edits - which becomes time consuming. Am I missing a setting or doing something wrong?


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Most likely your audio file is using variable bit rate rather than constant bit rate.  Solution is to run the file through an audio editing program and save it in CBR format.  Most of us use Audacity for that purpose.


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...you know, after posting this I had a feeling I had asked this question in the past:

Four years ago you replied and answered my question then. You sir, are the man! Sorry I didn't check first.

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