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Custom Prop and Sorting Channels


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I have built three custom props in S5. The first 2 were trees and sorting the channels out while tedious was pretty simple because I could light nodes on a branch with separate colors and then once all sorted out name them as I need them.

This time its a singing pumpkin. 

I cannot seem to get any sort to work other than having to light one node at a time. That is problematic because in the preview they are so small and close what looks like #1 could very easily be #2 or #100

Does any one have any suggestions? I am assuming the R and C = Row and Column as is while placing nodes in the custom layout. (I could be wrong though). Previously I attempted to print the layout so I could see the columns and rows as they are assigned in the prop design however my printer ran out of paper as I walked outside for a while. Luckily, it was printing every grid and +1000 pages had I not ran out. (not the pumpkins, it was my tree)


thank you in advance


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