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haloween sequences with talking faces


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hi everybody,

looking for sequences you want to share that have the talking faces for haloween display, thanks all for the help!

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I think you are the person that was on FB and I directed you here.

If you know some songs use the search feature top right corner and reply to them.

If you don’t know which songs you can go through the Sequence Sharing section of the forum and scroll through.

if looking for house lights and singing faces rolled in to one package look for My great friend James Morris.

All of my faces are included in his house. CCR tree and Matrix however without the proper license you won’t be able to view or use them so if you only need led lights and faces let him know witjin the thread.

As mentioned on FB.

Do not limit yourself to 16 channels, one they are hard to find, two you will still have to copy paste what you like from the donor to yours.

Sorry we no longer share Dropbox or balloon. All sequences are shared separately.

If you don’t see what you are looking for feel free to PM and I can tell you if it’s been sequenced.

Also I give “free” Zoom classes on singing faces every Saturday, though it’s been off for a couple weeks due to a computer problem but I hope to resume this Saturday.

Search for Singing Face Class or just Class and you will find the thread with the info.

Happy lighting


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They aren't hard to do for yourself. Just load the audio display, then create the face movements as you would say or sing it. It actually goes faster than you might think. "AHH's", "OH's", "EH's", "I's" and so on. Just say the word and figure out how you are doing it, then sequence it. You can create groups of movements for various movements that you can then copy and paste plus as a song goes through, many times/choruses, areas are repeated therefore copy and paste entire groups of areas. 

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