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Here's the set up.  I have a group with a motion effect.  I want to fade in an effect with individual props.  My understanding is that the effects for the individual props will take priority over the effect when in the group.  Is there a way to re-prioritize this so that the group effect will transition more smoothly into the individual prop effects?  Meaning, I want to fade out the group effect and fade in the prop effect without the prop completely dropping out of the group effect.

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If you can open "Add/Modify Motion Effect Rows" and create subsections that correspond to the props that make up the group, then you can do what you want. Rather than putting effects on the props themselves, you would put them on the subsections of the group. In the following example, I have a group of 5 arches. Then I used the subdivide function to divide the *group* into 5 subsections (1 for each arch). Now when I place effects on the subsections, they blend with the effect on the entire group.


Depending on the complexity of your group, this may or may not be a viable option for you.


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