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I have a pixel matrix consisting of 250 strands. I have never used SS before and have started watching some of the YouTube tutorials (very helpful by the way!).

The problem I'm running into is I cannot seem to get all 250 strands to play any sort of scene or morph or instant sequence. It seems to limit the sequencing to the first 24 rows. Is there a way to do this, or is SS v5.3.6 limited to how many strands you can sequence at one time?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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If you are running S4 superstar defaults to CCR mode. In CCR mode you set the number of CCRs, the highest number is 64. To do more than that you need to use an imported visualization.

If you are running S5 then you make a Preview of your matrix, then highlight the motion effect row for the matrix and right click and select "insert superstar effect." Superstar will launch and you will see the Preview of your matrix.

Are you running S4 or S5 ?

Also, as you mention, Instant Sequence is limited to 24 rows. I recommend that you use "Auto Sequencer." It is more versatile and does not have a row limit. There is a video tutorial on Auto Sequence. Go to the lightorama main page, click on Support, then click on "Video Tutorials and PDFs". Scroll down until you find the superstar section.


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Thank you Brian...and thank you for the YouTube vids! Great explanations on the capabilities of the software!

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