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I just upgraded to S5 - Lost - Need training

Jay Czerwinski

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I started to do this last year, and it freaked me out - and so I kept my older software version.

Thinking this is something I can't procrastinate on anymore, I just upgraded to S5 on my sequencing computer. I rand the sequencer and I am lost.   I have spent a little time looking for training, and have not found something just yet.


Can anyone help me find S5 training so I can work on my existing sequences and begin working on new 2020 sequences?    

Thank you for helping me find what might be obvious next steps.


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Thank you!  That explained a ton!   Agreed - Subscribed!    


This answers a lot of questions and I think prioritizes that I need to make a Preview first.     I'm thinking this video....

"Light-O-Rama- Making a Preview for Smart Pixels in ShowTime Designer Pixels (aka: S5) and SuperStar"

Guess I gotta pull out all of my props from storage and map out pixels on them before I sequence this year....

Thank you again and additional tips are welcome.  

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