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Sequencer/ ME Row Issues


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I posted this in another thread or two since they were dealing with similar issues but will start this one for more attention.

In January when I first tried S5 I had the same issue and it forced me to go stop trying to use S5 (frustrations and losing time ) trying to fix the issues.

When the latest version came out it seemed to resolve the problems so I ran my covid show as a test and all was well. From March to July I had no issues whatsoever with the preview, sequencer or ME rows.

Last week when trying to test a song from a friend for singing faces that at the very beginning .010 where the singer starts, it appeared that the song started and S5 could not pick up the first words.

I sequenced it in S4 without a problem.

My problem, I was unable to try to replicate the song problem in S5 because 1- my ME rows all but disappeared. This is in my preview "JRs Halloween" and not the show preview.

When I went to prop definition everything was there. When I tried to add ME rows they would all only control the entire singing face prop. The face prop has 8 ME rows. I also had individual channels, when I scrolled through the channels they were all out of order even though my props are grouped. I was also missing 12 nodes in each prop. Once again when I visited Prop Def it showed all nodes.

When I went to "add channels" magically the channels and the sequence appeared in tact.

So in an effort to play the sequence with only the sequence written to the individual channels instead of the MW rows I had the same results - all props on one face were moving at the same time. 

So I reached out to the forums to see what either I am doing wrong or if there is anything wrong internally.

Thank you in advance to new replies and to my friends who replied in the other threads.



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