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2008 Halloween Show

CLD Kevin

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This is my first year. Ive been wanted to do it for a couple of years, but just didn’t have time with my little ones. Now that are a little older…I have more free time. I want to thank NWSanta for the inspiration of the singing pumpkins and the willingness to share his sequences. It helped a lot at the beginning as I knew nothing about sequencing. I wanted to do the same kind of singing pumpkin theme, but after more and more reading and searching…I couldnt just stop there. I worked on my sequences for two and half months. On weekends and after I put my kids to sleep, I would work on them til 1am, then get up the next morning for work. I was tired all the time, but in the end it was well worth it. My kids love it as my neighborhood. I did 10 songs and here are 4 of them. I will upload the rest later tonight. Sorry about the quality of the video. I left the auto focus on. Doh! Im going to record it again tonight.

BTW, I tried to upload “This is Halloween” and “No One Live Forever” on YouTube, but was rejected because of audio copyright reasons. I see a whole lot of others with the same. Whats up with that? Anyway around that? I tried using generic title and description and still no work. I dub in the audio into my video so it would have cd quality sound and you don’t have to hear everyone talking. Maybe that’s the problem? Does YouTube use some type of audio recognition program?


Haunted Mansion


Monster Mash

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These are awesome Such inspiration for 2008. It's my Wife's that does Halloween so I will definitely pass this thread on to her. I have a sneaky suspicion that she'll want a copy of your audio/Sequences for 2009.
Wicked job on yours. Your sequencing and display is great!!!

I know what you mean about the Audio Copyright thing with Youtube. I think they're filters are getting a bit too strong I've had 2 requests over the last month to get rid of mine. I've just disputed them and haven't heard back. I have no problem removing them but, heck there are tonnes more people with that music out there..

Anyways your display is FantastiC!!!!!


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I loaded two summer videos on youtube this summer. Both recorded the same three songs. The first one youtube disabled the audio. The second one they did not. Go figure. Same three songs just in a different order of when I started recording.

No problems with Vimeo. How many channels does your setup use? Is the programming available for sharing?

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Very nice work. Very impressive, especially for a beginner. I feel the same way about sequencing, from kids bedtime to 1-2 am, then start it over the next night.

I uploaded No One Lives Forever to youTube and it got disabled seconds after the upload finished. Didn't even get 1 view before the audio was removed.
There must be software in place to recognize songs.

Looks like I'll be uploading videos to Vimeo until they get nabbed over there.


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The Face on that has about 7 channels and rope light. I was wondering if you can take store purchased rope light cut them to the right size and wire it up. Is the rope light like mini lights if you cut the string in half, do they get brighter? Was thinking of doing something for Halloween this year. Wanted that nice size face on top of the ruff. Any help would be appreciated.

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The typical, two wire, incandescent rope light is made up of multiple segments. Each segment is made up of about 18 bulbs wired in series which are spaced about 18 inches apart. The rope light can be cut ONLY at the transition point between segments. Therefore the shortest length is 18 inches and multiples of 18 inches, 36, 54, 72.... With clear rope light look at the wiring. Starting at the power plug you will see two wires running the length of the rope light. The first segment starts with the fist bulb in the series connecting to one of the power wires. The second bulb is wired to the first bulb and the third bulb to the second........ series wiring. The last bulb in the segment is wired to the other power wire in the rope. The next segment begins here, again repeating the series wiring same as in the first segment.

The rope light can be cut between segments ie where one segment ends and the next begins. If you cut the rope in the wrong place the worst that will happen is that one segment won't light. The rest of the rope will be fine. If you are not comfortable with this check out noveltylights.com they carry rope light on spools that is pre marked as to where you can cut it. The also carry the terminations you will need.

The 18 inchs is approximate for rope light using 6.5 volt bulbs if other voltage bulbs are used then the number of bulbs will vary. So look at the wiring. Also search PC . Tere are several articles on rope lights and home made terminations.

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