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Matrix Effect Design Wipe/Bar 180


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Hi Team,

Apologies if there is another topic on this post (I could not see any).

Prop (Matrix) RGB Pixels:

Looking to create an effect like a Bar moving like a windscreen wiper back n forth (Centre point stationary with the top swiping/moving right to left 180 degrees repeating)?

Bouncing off that. Same effect but like a spray back n forth - Kinda got it this working with the FAN in Superstar but no ideal.



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Here's a tut from a long time ago, still relevant for SS. It doesn't show how to do what you are asking for, but it may be close enough for you. In the video look at about the 8 second mark for the wipes go both left and right. I explained in the write up how to recreate these effects. See if this helps.

As I was searching for that tutorial, I thought of another way it could be done. You could make a gif, that had the movements, bar thickness, colors, etc. and go that route. That would probably give you the most realistic look of a wiper blade. I made a quick sample just to test. The sample gif is flawed (it's late, I'm tired) but it shows proof of concept.




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Both of Alan's ideas are great. You can also import a GIF picture found online into SS.

Alan's gif probably looks a lot better since it is manually generated.


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Here is a better example of the wiper gif. Making your own gif would make it easier to set the colors and pattern, speed etc.

Right Click, Save as to try on your prop.

Hope this helps.



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