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I am looking to purchase the Boscoyo Mega Spiderweb, 788 pixels. Has anybody have any success in importing it into their sequencer? ( I am using S5). I can import the prop, get the node layout, but it creates 24 motion effect rows that are the arms only, Nothing with the interior web. In the prop definition it creates only 1 universe also. Any help is much appreciated. ( I have been able to create a motion effect row for a master prop which solves my arms only problem but still only 1 universe) I posted this in the general decorating area but no answers there

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Since your prop has more than 170 pixels (510 channels), there will be a value in the "carryover" column. This number is used to place channels in subsequent universes - automatically. In fact, if you used 100 pixel strings and configured them in the controller to each be a separate universe, then setting Max Channels to 300 in prop definition would drive your lights correctly.

Bottom line - showing a single universe in Prop Definition is not a problem.


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Thanks Matt. I did see the carryover but didnt understand it the way you explained. I was under the assumption that i need to create more universes which I couldnt do. Thanks again

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