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Connectors from Ray Wu's Store


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I've got a bunch of Ray's extensions in various lengths. Both 3-wire and 4-wire. Your question about the number of wires is dependent on what type of pixel you are trying to use. For example, WS2811's, use 3-wire. LPD6803's use 4-wire. This year, I'm going to use "bulb grease" to help keep them from having connection issues outside from corrosion. I tested it here inside of the house last week and it works nicely. I was only concerned with it messing with the data/clock signals but it appears to be just fine. As for failures, there have been a couple over the years but only a couple. Oh and I do use them for both 5V and 12V applications

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DIYledexpress used to sell pigtails that matched lor's. I'm not sure if they still do but it be worth sending them an email and asking.

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7 hours ago, MattJ said:

Perfect - Thank you!

LOR Does sell these: http://store.lightorama.com/piex.html

Depending on length, you could cut these down to whatever size you need, they sell them in various lengths, up to 25 feet long.  Might cost a bit, but they are LOR connectors and there are male and female connectors on the cable.  Cost is dependent on type connector and length of cable.   But this is what I'd use if I were going to solder my own pigtails for LOR controllers and RGB products.   At least I'd know they'd be a perfect match for any of my LOR RGB products!


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