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I am new to this LOR light show thing. I have to controller which gives me 32 channels. If possible, i would love if anyone would be able to share with me.   TIA


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Search the sharing section for specific songs of interest, and ask in that thread.

Don't be afraid to look at sequences with more than 32 channels, you will need to adapt them to your setup anyway and choose the bits you want to use.

You will need to purchase the correct audio file that matches the sequence from Amazon or similar 

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Thank you for the above help, i greatly appreciate it. I am having another issue that is very frustrating me, and i would like some help. Last years show worked but not how i wanted it to. Thia year i am trying to start much earlier. So here is my issue: I start out in Show editor, i go into Musical, click the + sign, select the songs i want to save to the show, i click open , then save as, but I won't know where the songg goes, and what to do next to get in my show so i can start my sequencing, Last year everything played randomly, Definately not what i want. Please, please, please, I really need some detailed steps on how to get through it. I HAVE 32 CHANNELS  this year

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Did you use software version 5 last year or upgrade from 4 this year? Just trying to get a feel for where you are in the process. By sequencing, do you mean to get the songs to play in order during the show or actually modifying the way the lights respond to the music?

On a side note, I spent two years teaching at the Hill School! 

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Open the Show editor.

Click on Options and Check   Show starts Immediately

                                                    Sequences are loaded when they are needed.

Click OK

Make sure the Background, Startup, Animation, Interactive, and Shutdown Tabs are empty. (Unless you want to use them)

Click the Musical tab. You probably want to check, Play in Order and Turn off used lights at end.

Click on the plus sign. The default sequence location will open. If you have them somewhere else, you will have to navigate there.

Click on each Loredit file you want in the show. You can select more than one at a time by using the CTRL key. Click the OPEN button.

Use the up and down arrows to change the order of the songs.

Save as  the show file as Christmas 2020 or whatever. It will save in the default sequence location, usually Sequences unless you changed it. You can save it anywhere but I suggest you leave it in the default, again, usually Sequences.

The file will be Christmas2020 .lss. This is the file you will use in the Schedule Editor to schedule your shows. You can also use it for a Show On Demand if you wish. Both are in the right click menu of the Control Panel.

One other step is needed before you play the show. Again in the Control Panel right click menu, open Sequencer Compressor. Click on Compress a single show, and navigate to Christmas2020.lss and select it and click compress. This will create the playback files needed by the show in a hidden folder.

It may take a while if you have a lot of sequences or big files. I usually let it go overnight.

Open the Schedule Editor and set the days and times for your show and select the LSS file above. Click Save.

Enable the Schedule and your show will play at the times you chose. Test the show if you wish with Show On Demand.









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I am replying here since this is where we started for continuity.

You said you are using two machines and mentioned 4.4, yet your profile states 5.4. Do you by any chance have different versions on each machine, in which case the file types will be different and confusing.

We could chat on the phone, but it will probably be Sat pm before I can get to it.

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