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Like some suggestions on using 5v RGB Bullets to create Snowflakes


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Okay, I have a lot of extra RGB Bullet Nodes {LOR 5V used with CCB100D Controllers} and am thinking of using these to create some Snowflakes for my Christmas Display.

Would like suggestions on what material you would use to do this?  And no, I don't want to buy a ready made model, I am wanting to sort of create my own, but wondering on materials to use {Coro? Plastic? or ?} and also how to string them for best effect.  These are 50 Bullet nodes per strand, if I would have to cut them down, I can also do that if needed.  I'd rather not, but if it makes things easier, I'll consider it.   What I do not want to do is have to cut, splice and solder them back together.   Want to use them as they are.

So any suggestions on doing this will be very much appreciated.   I will have 8 strands of 50, so I could make up to 8 Snowflakes out of them.

Just need a little guidance and suggestions on where and what to start with in making these RGB snowflakes.   I'll also have to buy some older{used} CCB100D controllers for them, since I just purchased a lot of the LOR CCB Bulbs to replace the bullet nodes that were in my display using my current CCB100D Controllers I do have presently.   And if I can't locate these older CCB100D controllers, which LOR Controller would you recommend I get to run them?

Thank you all in advance! :)




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Made an oops, had SSB100D instead of CCB100D.
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Coro would be the easiest and probably the most cost efficient.

You can try to get free coro from a local gas station. The signs like Pepsi and others use to promote products are normally coro and the promotions end every month or so.

If you ask them for it or ask If they have any stored someplace they may give them to you. My n laws own a gas station/ cstore and I can get all I want.

Also they sometimes procrastinate and don’t change them out leaving brand new boxes of promotion coro and huge very heavy duty zip ties for me.

It never hurts to ask and it’s normally 5mm thick which is a little heavier duty than what some of my singing .”faces are.

Last year I got 10 round Pepsi signs - if you remember years ago their old logo that was common place on signs. They are 10mm coro and 32” diameter.  They will be 10 more singing pumpkins this year. (If everything goes as planned)

If you can’t find it from a gas station Lowe’s and HD sell it at about $15 sheet 4x8

Or google your area for a manufacturer or supplier. Sign shops Ect.

The thin coro will work but 10mm is what most prop designers use. With that being said it is a bear to cut and drill holes in. You will need a 11mm bit for a 12mm node and ensure to test first. Not all drill bits are made equal. Found this out recently while converting one of my faces. 2 - 11mm bits, 2 mfgs and 1 I could not attempt to squeeze the node through. Got both on Amazon for about $5 each.

It would need to be a pretty big star for 50 nodes or you will end up with what will appear as a just a big light at night.

My mini tree toppers are 10 nodes each.

Sign ships will not normally carry 10mm and if they do it will be the smaller 24x sizes. This is due to a 4x8 size being to much for SH

Free is always good if the gas station will give it to you.

All you need is something to hold the design and a way to hang or post it. Easily achievable with mini stars.



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Thanks JR.   Like said, I'm willing to cut the strands down to size.  However, my artistic skills really suck now. I've been trying to draw out snowflake designs all day today and every one looks nothing like a snowflake, just some deformed looking kind of star, and even that's not even close to a star either.   So I'm kind of reconsidering and thinking I just need to buy some pre-made ones if I can find them in different sizes and shapes.  I would rather they not all look like cookie cutter shapes, that is, each one looking all identical in size and shape.

So I guess I'm going to have to search out some of the Christmas sites and see what I might be able to locate there for a variety of pre-made snowflakes that I just add the LOR Bullet nodes too.

Yea, I know about the drill bits too, I have come across that a few times myself.  Usually if I can find drill bits made in the USA they are always the same and correct size, but if I buy "Chinese/Foreign made drill bits", seems they are usually a wee bit smaller than their American counterparts 9 times out 10.

Don't know what type Gas Station your folks own, but all the ones in my area are pretty much Convenience store types and they don't use outdoor advertising signs like that, at least that I've seen around here where I live.   When gas stations were actually gas/service stations I saw them all the time, but most I see just use flimsy cardboard signage on the inside of their windows.  Which would not really work in outdoor conditions.  Otherwise that would have been a option to try.

And I would still have to locate either some more used CCB100D Controllers or some other type of RGB Controller to run them.

Well, I think creating my own is out, and will more than likely have to buy some pre-made ones that'll fit the LOR Bullet nodes I have.

Time to start searching and putting away some funding for pre-made/drilled snowflakes if I can find anything that suits me.

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