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custom motion effects issue?


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I use multiple Boscoyo studio props. In this case an 85 node 22in spinner https://boscoyostudio.com/product/daycor-pixel-spinner-22/

I've downloaded the boscoyo model with LOR preview "editor" and am able to preview and sequence the model.

I've also created a 6x14 spoke prop whose channels are "copies" of the boscoyo model. This prop also has two motion effects.

The spoke prop version of the spinner provides the ability to easily apply  interesting motion effects without having to sequence multiple rows. The downloaded version of the boscoyo spinner with custom motion effects provides interesting ways to animate the spinner as a collection of circles and spokes by sequencing multiple rows.

So, the ISSUE is:

I can apply motion effects to the boscoyo prop rows and they do preview when I hit play.

I can apply motion effects to the spoke prop (again whose channels are copies of the boscoyo prop), and they show up in the motion effects editor. However, when I hit play these effects do NOT preview.

So, should I be able create and sequence multiple props whose channels are copies of the same "base" prop but provide different ways to apply motion effects to the pixels in the base prop?




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