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shortening a song

gerald sundberg

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Use something like (free) audacity and cut out portions of the song to make it sound shorter.

One strategy is to cut off a couple repeated sections in the middle of the song, leaving the beginning, chorus (or two) and the ending.

I've also had luck removing overly-long beginnings or endings.

Sometimes a song has a quiet transition in it where you can just lop off the rest of the song, then apply a cross-fade out onto the last 10 seconds and your good.

I'm giving real general quick and dirty advise.

I cut most of my songs down to 1:30 +- 10 seconds.

If you have no technical skills you could email me to song and I"ll attempt to shorten it for you.

Since it sounds like you already sequenced the first part, you should not how far you have already gone and how long you want it to be and then shoot to remove the right amount from the back-half of the sequence.

I honestly find that just trial and errors works best, lop of some, listen ... nope, undo, try more (or less), listen, nope, undo ... try again ... listen, wow thats pretty good. ok, done.


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