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Bubba in NV

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I ONLY have a 16 channel controller. I might get another one next year. Not a priority unless my neighbor wants to have connected wireless dueling houses. Then I will.

I have got a 10 pumpkin, 3 flood light halloween show going as I write this. My FIRST show, and already most of my small town comes down my street now to watch. The local newspaper did an article on me. I only have 5 songs with thunder and lightning between each. I didnt want to bore everyone yet.

My point is, after asking a few questions in these forums, I have had absolutly no problems getting up and going. Everything worked as promised or described to me. I use a Ramsey FM25b transmitter.

My Christmas show is going to be great also. All 16 channels. I have sequenced almost 30 songs since last November, and bought 3, and borrowed a couple.

Every question in this forum I had was answered very quickly. Which was mostly sequencing questions. Since I upgraded to LORII all my computers love it and no software problems on any of my computers. I sequence on a Vista Home Ultimate desktop and laptop, and am showing on a old HP desktop running Win2000.

I thank everyone that replied to my questions and I hope I can help others out also.

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You hit the snowman on the head Bubba ;-) This is one of the best forums of any product I ever saw. Glad to hear you are going smoothly. I look forward to seeing your 200 channel display in 2012 :-)

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