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An review of the EDM LED vs. the Ramsey FM25B transmitter


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A transmitter review posted in late September on the EDM yahoo group:

Cmments: I would note that this was the EDM LED and not the EDM LCD. The EDM LED is the lower-priced legacy transmitter and is somewhat lower-performing than the EDM LCD in all regards. That said, the EDM LED costs less and still delivers good performance for the money. It is also available in a 1/10 switchable power version and a 10/100 switchable version. This is switachable power, not fully adjustable power like the EDM LCD has. For those looking for the performance of the Ramsey for an even more modest price, the EDM LED could be an option ... and shipped, the 10/100 version with metal (not plastic) case and power supply is around $130 shipped.

Well folks, my EDM LED xmitter showed up this week end. Took me
about 15 minutes to get it soldered up and running. I have had a
Ramsey FM25B for about three years now, and always loved its clarity
and range. I was a faithful Ramsey owner. But, I've read the
reviews by Steve at Radio Brandy. He's always raved about this
little xmitter so I thought I would give it a try.

My usual set up was, Dell PC running Zararadio playing my eclectic
collection of 1940's swing, Heavy Metal, Sousa Marching band music
and Beethoven. Nice collection huh? the signal went out of the stock
sound card into a mini stereo Compressor/Limiter - into the Ramsey
FM25B transmitter. Then the output of the FM25B through 75 ohm coax
to a Dipole antenna I built myself using PVC pipe with the internals
being two hunks of Steel measuring Tape carefully cut to proper
length. The positive to the upper hunk and the negative to lower.

I hooked up the EDM xmitter through 50 ohm coax to a second dipole,
again the dipole sections were cut to proper length. No
compressor/Limiter. Just, computer - EDM - Antenna. I then got in
the car and went for a drive.

I called the wife and asked her to flip the 'switch' I had setup.
This switch was simply to flip the signal coming out of the computer
from one transmitter to the other.
To the left - Ramsey, to the right EDM.
It was that simple.
I started with the Ramsey, drove out about eight blocks until the
signal really started to fade to nothing but static, then switched to
the EDM. The signal improved immediately. Wow.

The final results are these. I was able to get a 'little' more range
from the EDM. About a half a city block in all directions. So I
have expanded 'good' listening range from about 4 blocks in all
directions to 4.5 blocks in all directions from ground zero. But, the
real difference was the astounding sound quality improvement with the
EDM xmitter. Hands down, no comparison. The EDM truly does rival
the sound of a professional station. I never realized how thin the
other transmitters' sound was. I'd compressed, I'd Limited, I'd EQ'd
the snot out of my signal to get the BEST signal I could through the
FM25B. The EDM is running NO external compression, or limiting. It's
like drinking Concord grape juice for three years then someone
handing you a glass of fine wine - WOW. As usual, Steve's advise
didn't lead me astray. A special thanks to Steve for his diligence
and sharing his knowledge, and thanks EDM for such a fine product, I
am now a faithful EDM xmitter owner/user, my FM25B is now a
paperweight. I hope to have my new studio redone soon and will
upload pics when it is. G'Luck all from the frozen North.

Blitherin1 (Robert) in Minnesota - pronounced Minnazoata

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