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How Long Does EDM Take to Arrive?

Craig Schmidt

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I ordered my EDM FM transmitter on October 1st, it's now Oct 18th.
How long does it usually take for shipments to arrive to US?
Should I be concerned?
Ordered mine direct, not through the group buy.

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I think most of the year, it takes 3 business days to ship, then 10-15 additional days to receive.

Lately, they have been a little backlogged ... as this is their peak season for sales.

I wouldn't worry ... but like you, I was worried ordering a product from South Africa for the first time.

EDM is a very honest and reputable company ... but the product is will worth the wait and uncertainty. You should have it soon ... it does seem to take about a week longer than normal lately ... perhaps because of the demand.

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Make sure you insert to chip in with the proper orientation.

Thats the #1 mistake I've seen to date ... and it usually requires
a replacement chip to fix. Also make sure none of the fins on the IC chip
are bent. They can be easy straightened, if they are bent, but be gentle.

The half moon side of IC should point towards the LCD and away from the black tuning buttons. Check the manual pictures to verify that is correct.


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I've done LOTS of electronic kit building over the years. This one's a piece of cake, only a couple of components to solder.

But you do make a good point, Scott. One must make SURE that the IC chips are in the right direction.

Otherwise it will be an FM receiver rather than a transmitter.

OKAY, that's a joke. It doesn't make it a receiver, it does little more than fry the inside of the chip so it will never work again. But to those that understand kit construction, you will think the joke humorous.


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