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Ferris wheel for Christmas


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Just finished my Ferris Wheel for this Christmas season. It measures 12 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide. I made it like an “erector” set so that it can be dismantled and stored. It mostly is made out of aluminum rod, round & square stock, and aluminum strapping. The A frame was made from an old garage canvas tent metal poles. The axle is threaded steel rod and an old bicycle sprocket and bearings were used for axle. I had to cut the aluminum rod into sections (came in 12' lengths from my local steel and metal supply)and thread each one. I drilled and tapped the round and square stock aluminum to affix rods to.
The seats (baskets) are cabinet style dish baskets (from my local Wal-Mart), affixed to aluminum rods and made to swivel with the wheel. I will put stuffed animals (teddys) in the seats.

Although the wheel is capable of motion, I elected not to do so this season, and will do so for next year.I put 2 different 4 channel controllers on the wheel. One gives the illusion of circular movement and the other flashes the wheel center and exterior diameters.

It is lighted with all LED lights.

I have approximately 200 man hours in it.

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Very nice Gary.

I mad a ferris wheel last year but it only measures 8 ft. in diameter (8 spokes) and it has no depth, it's flat and without any cars or gondoliers. It's a ferris wheel in lights only and everything is painted flat black so only the lights show up at night.

Mine rotates either direction at 2 speeds and has 32 strings of lights choreographed to music via 2 rotating channel controllers.

The whole contraption probably weights about 600-700 lbs so I build a little hoist on my tractor to move it around as one unit. Taking it apart to move last year proved to be a PIA.

Keep us posted on new developments.

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That looks fantastic... I've been toying with the idea of one of those for the last couple of years but, haven't had time or inclination to build one..
Yours looks great.


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