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My first crack at halloween!


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So I've been running these shows for a week now, and every night I find myself adding more or tweaking something. Here are a few videos that I took tonight. It was a bit too dark to take them but I did it anyway.:)

Hells Bells AC/DC

Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I'm sure I'll be making some changes between now and Halloween night, but am I atleast on the right track? What do you think? I dubbed the audio so you all wouldn't have to listen to me cussing at the mosquitos that were attacking!

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Looks cool. You are definitly on the right track and I bet you are far ahead of any of your neighbors. How many channels are you up to so far?

You definitely have the sickness and the only cure is when Halloween is over. Actually it just goes into remission for a few months.

I am the same way, I add & tweak it as the days get closer, it's when you get your best ideas while it is all set up. I also add 1 new thing each year, this time it's my singing skulls.

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Thanks Jeff,

I'm currently using 32 channels, but I am probably going to break out another controller this week as the left side of my house needs more lights! I've done static displays for halloween for the past 10 years or so and the neighbors loved them. It seems like the kids love the LOR displays more because there is music involved and the lights do more.

I saw what you did with the skulls and now I think I need a DC controller too! I'm sure I'll be adding more and more as I go, but for now, I just need a few more extension cords.

Thanks for making me feel as if I'm not alone with this sickness!:dude:


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