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Ok. Ok. Who did this and how do we do it?


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It's called "Maya" If you read through the comments on his videos, he mentions it. IT's a CG (Computer Graphic) software program. Then he just runs it to a standard home Movie Projector that would be hooked up to a computer.

Great effect , if you have a projector, a dry climate, close proximity to the prop, and knowledge of Computer Animation...

Thanks for sharing though!!!


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Somebody, using Animated Lighting technology did this as well. If you go to their video section there is a talking head.

Basically if you wanted to do it with LOR, you would need to film a head, like yours, and then make the video that you could put into the sequence editor. You could just put a projector onto a head and your set.

To get the pumpkin face shapes, you would most likely need the CG software...unless your face looks like a pumpkin....LOL

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