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How to modify S4 "props" in S5


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Upgraded to S5 last Christmas …. brought all my S4 sequences into S5.  When I open the sequence the tracks appear but when I select SEQUENCE - Preview Design the "props" do not appear???  Actually when I select PLAY, the sequence starts but nothing is displayed in the Playback window???

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a basic premise of S5 is that you have a preview. When you opened it, which option did you choose for the preview?   The end result probably was just a generic view.    If you didn't use visualizer in S4, the easiest thing to do is just create a preview with some generic items first (you can get more precise later).    for example, if you are in the preview editor and say add new and then select draw a string, you can draw a simple triangle as a tree.  It will be called string 001.  Save it and then select it and copy.   In the dialog that pops up, select to repeat it as many times as you have channels.  e.g. 31 times for 2 controllers of 16 channels.   After you do copy, you will have 32 tree mapping to controller 1 and 2.  

pixels and CCRS can also be added to map.  

save this as a name,like  generic channels.   Now assign this one to the S5 sequence either from the menu as assign new sequence or when you do the import.  

It wont match up with what you light work, but it will at least give you some feel for them.   To do your actual lights, will take a bit more time.   Select each item and modify it to give it a better name and also change the shape and location, etc.  

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