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Can't get DC-MP3 to run


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I am trying to load a show onto the SD card to run with the DC-MP3 Show Director. I am opening the Hardware Utility (v2.0.16) and clicking on "LOR MP3". I have tried using "play anytime powered" and "play during scheduled time". I have tried loading different sequences in the showlist. When I "create show" I have tried it with the "lock step" option turned on and with it turned off. Selector switch is set to "1" and reset.

The DC-MP3 does not seem to recognize card/show. When I insert the card I get a rapid blink of the red "E" LED light. The SD card is good (one that came with the DC-MP3) because I can build a show in Simple Showbuilder, load it on the SD card and the MP3 director runs the show just fine. It's only when I try to use the Hardware Utility showbuilder that nothing happens.

Firmware is 3.0.

Any ideas?

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