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Brand New and Looking For Help Purchasing Controller(s)


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Been promising my daughters over the last year that this year we would go with sequencing and I am looking for some clarification on what hardware I need.   I have a bunch of regular warm white LED light strings from my past decorations, but just purchased 5v WS2812B 5M IP65 light strips that I am going to permanently attach to my roof line.  Been doing some research and trying to figure a few things out:

Planning on hooking up the light strips for the show (obviously)

Would like to also use the regular strings for this year (even though there is no color) for bushes and trees and play with building my own sequences before buying more color lights in future 

Fine with purchasing a plug and show package if that is what I need.

Need to know which controller(s) I need for sure, but happy to receive any additional feedback.


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