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Hello everyone.

This is our first year with LOR and were pushing through some songs but we have purched a 16 foot CCP tree and looking for some sequences if anyone would share with me.  Thanks

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I'm going to make a suggestion.  Buy a couple sequences from several different professionals.  This will give you an great chance to look at these experts techniques and learn from them.  You are late enough in the season that you don't have time to learn and do your own sequencing for your 2019 show, but starting in January, you can look at the effects and see how the experts created those effects.  The most obvious first source is http://superstarlights.com/  Brian wrote SuperStar, so if anyone knows how to get lots out of it, it's Brian.  A couple others are:



Different people do things differently, and in many ways, techniques are different - not necessarily better or worse.  Therefore, there is value in using several sources.  I can guarantee that you will look at how someone created an effect and think something like "Oh, that's how he did that!"

And yes, you should be able to find some here at well.


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