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Existing Individual Addressed LED (smart pixels?)


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I'm sure there is a post on it, and I am looking...maybe I can be redirected there.

If I have an existing light string with Individual Addressable LEDS on my house, how do I convert these to work with the LOR system?

Before I found LOR, I was researching hanging my own channels to house LED tapes and then running it using Raspberry Pi and Node MCUs to write my own show.

The 5v IA LED light string would have run the entire length of my roof line, with power boosters every 5 meters or so to compensate for the power loss at the end of the strand.

If I hang my own LED tapes, how do I connect them to the LOR system?
What is the longest strand the LOR-PixCon16 can handle?  Do I need to cut the strips down to a certain size on my roof line, then run each set of strips back to the control panel?

Still all new to this and trying to exactly figure out how the lights are connected to the control panel.  Are you just running power to the LED strips or is there also a wire from the control panels to each set of lights you are trying to control using smart pixels?  I think I figured out that if I run dumb lights/or leds, just running those to the control panel, the LOR system controls that just by cutting power to the lights from the control panel.?

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Sounds like 5V strings?

Your pix* NEEDS TO BE powered by the correct voltage. You have the same 3 (or 4) wires you did: +V, Data, -V or common (and maybe a clock).

Each PIX* port has limits to AMPS and number of nodes . You power injection will help keep the AMPS in range) 16 @ 170 count strings in Enhanced
LOR Mode

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