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Adding singing face prop


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I am new to this and getting my copy and paste MOJO on modifying sequences to my liking with my setup.  I would love to add a singing face to the mix working with 2 16 channel AC controllers.  I have found a few online templates to build them.  I am trying to experiment in the software, but I cannot find anywhere to add the prop of a singing tree for a traditional light setup.

I see a ton of stuff for the new trees that LightORama is selling but I already blew my year one budget about 6 times over.

Any help you can give the newbie would be awesome.

Thanks in advance

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Which faces are you planning to use?  I have 4 monsters and 4 xmas trees.  I know other people have light bulbs, pumpkins, etc.

The S5 software does not have built props for these, but a couple nice people here on the forum sent me a couple when I was getting started (not in S5 format, but they imported OK).  I also found that some of the old sequences (S3/S4 format) that when I opened them and chose "import the block style animation created with the S2/S3/S4 sequence editor" instead of using my own Preview, the preview that was generated included the faces.  I then created a Group from the correct channels for each face and exported the group as a LPEPROP file which I now use with any preview I create that needs that face.

If you don't have an older LMS type sequence you can import to get the faces from there and you need either trees or monsters, let me know and I will send you my LPEPROP files.

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