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what new in the latest S5 upgrade for ss

james morris

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For SuperStar, 5.3.10 is the same as 5.3.8.

For the next release after 5.3.10 there are the following bug fixes:

Fixed a bug in the Manipulate Selected Images dialog box. When selecting "Scale" the labels for "move left-right" and "move up-down" did not change to "scale left-right" and "scale up-down"

Fixed a bug where if superstar is launched from S5 sequencer with a .wav file, and you try to do "create timings" you get a "failed to open file" error on the audio file.

Fixed a bug where if you have a text mask with no effect in it and time layer priority feature is not enabled, then when you save data to the sequencer, no effects get rendered. Not even effects that had nothing to do with the text mask.

Fixed a bug where if click on a scene, then change the color in the color control the scene does not change color.

Increased the maximum number of nodes in a Preview from 10,000 to 20,000

In the Layout dialog box where it states the license required, if the number of pixels is more than 16,000 say "Maximum Channels SuperStar Supports is 48000"

Fixed a bug where if you click do a "new document" and click on the sequencing grid, nothing happens until you click on the "scene mode" button

Increased the maximum number of image actions from 10000 to 20000. Increased the maximum number of text actions from 500 to 1000

Fixed a bug where the sometimes the name of images would revert back to "image xx" after doing "manipulate images"

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