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Hey there everyone,

Excited to finally make the plunge and commit myself to taking the display seriously from here on out (it's late to start planning my display but I plan on getting something simple set up this year.) Unfortunately the budget is tight as I'm getting married next week and am struggling to justify spending too much on a controller. Looking for anyone that has a DIY kit they never got around to for sale as I would definitely be interested. With the DIY kit, software, and necessary accessories the cost of a controller really adds up. Next year, cost will not be a problem but with the wedding and such...you get it! 


Thanks for reading and I'm excited to be an active contributing member in this neck of the woods as I'm sure I have a ton to learn from all of you...and maybe this young IT professional can teach a thing or two to others as well 😉

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Congratulations! I don't have any for sale, but I have purchased controllers off eBay and Craigslist before. Just make sure they work the second you receive them. eBay will refund (though that is still a bummer) and Craigslist I take my laptop and test every channel before purchasing. Then make sure you put LOR on your wedding registry! I actually tell the wife and all the kids/grandkids this for my birthday and other holidays, 🤣

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