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LOR1600/LOR1602 Generation 3 professional metal box controller


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Having issues with one of my controllers. When I test the controller in Harware Utility, it works. When I try to start my show, it says "no connection" yet it still send the signal to the other controllers. Any ideas? Please help! You can also call or text me at (541) 990-8376

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To give a slightly longer answer in case this helps someone one else.

Travis had two 1602 controllers and some other stuff on one LOR network.  The two 1602 controllers were the first two controllers on the network from the controlling PC.  The first one was the controller in trouble.  All the downstream controllers worked properly when playing a show.  The troubled controller worked properly via the Hardware Utility, but indicated no connection when he tried to run a show.  I asked him a bunch of questions, but the key to solving the issue was "Is this running on an Enhanced network?"  Answer was yes.  My speculation was that it would not respond to an Enhanced network.  Travis had previously told me that this was an added controller that he recently received, so I assumed that if it was a new purchase, it would have new firmware - largely ruling out that possibility.  After a few minutes, Travis told me that it was not a brand new controller, but rather a recent purchase from another user.  Ah Ha!  Had him go into the HU and check the firmware versions for the two 1602 controllers.  Sure enough, it had old firmware.  Suggested that he update the firmware.  After Travis updated the firmware, it was working properly on an Enhanced network.

So the moral of the story is that on old controllers, they may be new features that don't work with older firmware.

Note, for this type of application, unless there is a problem, there is not really any major reason to update the firmware.


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