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LOREDIT? Trouble with animations.

Kraig Schwartz

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I have made animations. I start the show but my lights don't activate when the animations are activated in the show. I have seen that some people have problems with the LOREDIT file format. Is there a way to change the file format? Am I missing something? Do I need to upgrade my software? I have also added a media file to the animation. Still nothing works. I'm in a pickle.

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If there is a problem with animation files, ans I don't know whether there is or not, but you could create a musical version, using an audio file consisting of the required length of silence. Audacity can do this. 

Always try a reboot before anything else, and perhaps  a reinstall of a fresh download. You are on the latest version.

As a last resort, uninstall 5.3.8 and revert to 5.2.4 and see if that is any better. You will have to create the playback files manually though.


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Thanks. I did do the musical sequence also but still didn't work so I guess I can do a fresh download. 

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