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HELP! A sequence I loaded....

Joel Reiser

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So I’m new and I did four songs on my own. 16 channels no RGB. Lastest software and latest  system. I downloaded a 16 channel seq from Wow. That seq has props and groups. I’m trying to convert to my light set up. Not only I can figure that out, when I open my original songs to track them a warning comes up. 

Warning these props are in the sequence file but not in the preview.

what can I do to correct this fiasco....



thanks I know I’m a pain! 

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OK, let's see if I can help.

In the LOR S5, version, you MUST have a preview for every sequence. In S5, you can have 1 sequence and assign to as many or every sequence you wish. When you import earlier version sequences, the S5 will convert it to the current version. Part of the conversion process is to create a default Preview. You can allow the software to go ahead and create that default preview. I would then save it with  new name, such as Christmas-2019. Do this for 1 sequence. Most, likely, when you open the default Preview it will not look ANYTHING like your actual house and yard. You can then work on the Preview to get the lights to look the way you want them., You DO NOT need to do this for the sequences to work. As long as there is a Preview , they will work.

Now, if you already have a Preview you like for the 4 songs that you already did, when yup import the WOW sequence, you should see a screen to select that Preview. The warning is an indication that props are not yet in your preview. The conversion will add them to the preview, but most likely Archive them. You can tell if they are Archived by looking at them in the Channel Grid and they will have an "@" in front of the name. You can un-archive them to see them in the Preview,  then edit the preview to see them the way you like.

The thing about the WOW sequences is that they are VERY consistent in naming props and channel name/configurations. So, you will need to check for Channel  Conflicts between the sequences you made and the WOW sequence. IF you are planning to use additional WOW sequences (which I use  a lot of) I would HIGHLY recommend changing your channel config to match theirs. Once you have ONE sequence and preview the way you want, save the Preview and the sequences and then go back and open the remaining sequences and assign this new Preview to them. Things should look much cleaner now.

For me, I imported one WOW sequence, went through all the steps (and heartache) to get that ONE Preview and channel config set up and then went back and imported the remaining 10 of them. It went much faster after that. I got through all 10 in about a week and a half working about an hour at a time before going to work. I did have some additional sequencing to do, too, since I am adding props for this year that are not in the original WOW sequences. Fortunately, since they are the same for all Sequences, it was mostly cut and paste.

Good luck, and the LOR Help file is your friend. 


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I am assuming that you created a Preview before you did your 4 songs.  (I don't think you could do it without a Preview with S5).  Your 4 songs should all be linked to that Preview - again, I don't think you could have sequenced them otherwise.

When you open a different sequence that is purchased or shared from someone else, S5 asks you what Preview you want to use.  There are usually a bunch of choices and I think it defaults to the Preview that you have been most recently using.  I DO NOT use that preview when I am opening a sequence from someone else.  I use the 3rd choice down - "Import block style animation created with S2/S3/S4 sequence editor"


I then create a NEW sequence using MY PREVIEW or an existing sequence using MY PREVIEW that I want to add to and then copy/paste the rows that I want from the purchased/shared sequence.  This gives you a lot more control and doesn't risk messing with your Preview.

I don't know why your existing 4 songs would cause this type of error.  If they were made with your Preview, then all your props should be in place.  You might want to edit your Preview and check it doesn't have anything weird going on.  You can edit it either from the sequencer with the menu option Sequence - Preview Design or from the Preview tab on the right edge of the screen.  The Preview Tab is nice because you can see all your Previews (ones you made and ones that were created from the "block style" import option.  You can "backup" your Previews using the "Export" icon or copy a Preview to keep an older version as you make changes.

All of your Previews are actually stored in the CommonData  folder in a single file called LORPreviews.xml.  I strongly suggest occastionally backing this up somewhere else in case you need to go back to an older version.

- I just saw someone else replied as I was typing.  Hopefully, this is still somewhat useful.



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creating a view that maps their channels to your as suggested is the best long term solution but takes a bit of planning and is OK if you have the same general setup.  

To add some additional comments about how to do what was suggested above, In the sequence that you opened that gave the error, to add the ones it complained about but aren't showing.  From the menu for the tree (the icon that looks like a small tree), select Append items to view and you will see them under Archived Props and you can add them all by selecting the check box at the top of Archived Props.   These will be added with @ at the bottom of your prop list.   You can copy and paste them all or individually to your matching props (with the gear icon).    Then hide them away by right clicking the @ one by one and selecting hide item.    

also, a related option is the Grid configuration.  With the prop views you have created, be sure to export it (same menu as above, but select Grid configuration/Export) and save it as a name 'MyView'.   Then in other sequences if you want to see it organized the same way, you do Grid configuration/Import.


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Ok this is all Greek to me. I’m looking at your answers and tried. What seems to have happened is that my first four songs were on the same preview. I downloaded the wow song and now I get half of these symbols @ Which I never had in my songs. When I close out the wow song and go my original, it now has the same configuration of wow with the @. I tried archive and all that stuff and it’s getting me no where. I even completed removed lor and reinstalled. I opened my songs and it’s matches the wow songs. I never saved or did anything to cause the overwrite. This sucks! 

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I guess when you used your existing Preview when opening the WOW sequence, it added in the extra props (or maybe props that didn't match your's) to your Preview.  My suggestion would be to make a copy of the Preview (so you have a backup of your current state) and then edit to remove the extra props and check that your original props are still setup correctly. Below is a step-by-step that is hopefully clear - if not, post again and I'll try again 😀

To copy:  Click on the Preview tab on the right side of the sequencer (If it has disappeared, check the Window menu for "View Preview Window" - this option is only there if you have accidentally closed the Preview tab.  Select your Preview and click on the copy icon (just to the right of the red X).

Edit either the original or the copy (select the one you want and click on the pencil icon)

Since you created your original preview and you  have  16 regular channels, you should be able to find your original props and delete any that the WOW sequence added.  Check that your original props are still setup correctly by double-clicking on each and checking the settings.

Once you are back to a version of your original preview, open up one of your 4 sequences.  If you edited the original version, it should be attached and back to normal.  If you edited the copy, use the menu command Sequence - Attach different preview and select your newly repaired copy.

If all is well, continue on and do the same thing to the other 3 sequences.

To use your new WOW sequence (I haven't bought from them, but it should work the same as the ones I have bought or had shared with me):

From the sequencer, Open the sequence they sent to you (I am assuming this is a LMS file.)
When S5 asks what Preview you want to use, select the "Import block style animation created with S2/S3/S4 sequence editor"
The sequence should open with it OWN Preview - this most likely won't look anything like your preview.  Take a look at the timing they used - such as Fixed 0.05 or Fixed 0.10.
Create a NEW sequence using the same music as the WOW sequence and your repaired Preview.  Use the same timing as the WOW sequence to make copying easier.

You should now have 2 open taps in the sequencer - one for the WOW sequence and one for your new sequencer.  You will go back and forth between these to put together your new sequence.

Decide which WOW props you want to copy to your sequence.  Click in the row and press "r" to select the entire row (or right-click - Select - Row)
Use either Ctrl-C or right-click - Copy
Switch tabs to the NEW sequence and click in the row for the prop where you want to paste.  Press "r" to select the entire row (or right-click - Select - Row)
Use either Ctrl-V or right-click - Paste

Do that for anything you want to use from the WOW sequence.  Remember to Save often!

Make a backup copy of your Preview by copying the LORPreviews.xml file from the Light O Rama "CommonData" folder to somewhere else.  If your Preview ever gets messed up again, you can get back to this point by copying the file back.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you everyone. TexasLights was very helpful and I thank him. I guess I hit something when I didn’t. I ended up making a new preview and transferring all my work.

works perfectly.


Lessons learned!

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Great, glad you got it working! I think the step you were missing (and I prboably forgot to mention it) is that when you UN-Archive props, you also need to APPEND them to the channel config. Again, the LOR Help file is your friend. 

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