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CTB16PC controller, FM transmitter, Showtime central and RGB flood light for sale


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Here is what left to sell.. 1 Fm Transmitter for 120.00 canadian, 10 controller boxes CTB16PC for 190.00 canadian each, 8 - 10 watts rgb flood lights with the controller with power supply all together for 300.00 canadian, 1 Showtime Central for 170.00 canadian, 1 big 50 watts rgb light with power supply for 100.00 canadian, 4 boosters for 20.00 canadian each, 1 rgb stars for 100 canadian, 3 big stars with c9 lights for 120.00 canadian, 1000's and 1000's of c7 led lights for 1000.00 between 130 and 150 sets, Lots of extension cords in different length. I would say between 10 and 150 feet, around 140 of them for 500.00 canadian, 2 Led super white light trees 100.00 for both, 5 time 4 little white trees for 70.00 for all, 4 or 5 christmas tree for 100.00 for all.
Take a look at the kind of display you can make with it with this video
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