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Renaming Channels in bulk


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I have activated the Channel Level on a 100 light string thus creating 100 channels

I want to rename each channel according to their position in my prop but I since I have 9 strings of 100 taht leaves me with 900 channels to manually rename.  Is there an easier way ?

Please advise


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5 hours ago, tlogan said:

If you go to Preview Design, there is a tab that says "Channel Conflicts (and bulk Changes tool)." You can do it there. 

Well I must be confused.  I have looked at that screen to no avail.  I am not seeing anywhere I could change channel names.




Let me explain what I am trying to do maybe someone can help

I have created a Prop (singing faces) that contains close to 450 rgb lights.
For efficiency purposes the strings can run a bit for the head, a bit for a lip and/or eye for example.
On top of that a few lights are crossover so they are used in 2 different parts of the prop ( say O-MOUTH and MIDDLE MOUTH.

I have 5 strings in that particular prop.
My goal is to "group" the different components to make it easier to create different songs.
I used 3 channels rgb setup

I am trying to rename each "channel' according to its use: orange is head, red is O Mouth, Green is open eye etc

As you will see some parts crossover in different strings
I want to bulk rename the channels to save the manual labor, is that possible in some way ?

Furthermore is it possib;le to create groups from different strings in this setup ?

Please advise

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Have you clicked the down arrow on the "Change" tab? You will get a list of things that you can change in bulk. One of them is to "Replace Text in Prop Names."


Page 186 in the LOR help files for S5 will show you how..


OK, never mind... I thought you wanted to change the prop names.

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