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Last year we bought some Halloween lawn ghosts, and I have discovered that they look really good with a spotlight. The trouble is, I only have 1 spotlight (that I use to light the "Tune Radio to..." sign at Christmas). I need to get about 8 tiny spotlights. I have a bunch of spare AC channels (used for the color changing tree at Christmas). I also have most of a DMX universe, although I believe white spotlights are sufficient. Another option is to tie into the landscape lighting and just leave them on static.

Your suggestions are wanted. Which way should I go with spotlights?

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Are your Landscape lights really SPOTS  (narrow beam)?  I think most of the real spots I have seen, have a focus lens (not just clear class).

Now if you just had a CMB24, you have a ton of option (besides, your low voltage landscape lamps are 12V. Just think what 24 channels of single color landscape lights could do 😛 .

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If you have open ports on your CTB16 and just want white light then just go to Lowes or Home depot and get some of those 110v ground stake spots and some led flood lights. I use the them with 150w equivalent led floods for lightening stikes on my house. The ground stakes are like $5 and you can get a pack of four floods for like $12, just get the lower wattage for small props.

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