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Changing RGB Color (Entire Row)

Light Nerd

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Is there a way to change the color of your RGB sequence in a given row without having to click on every cell? I have a singing pumpkin with smart pixels and would like to change the color of the mouth shapes through the song, but don't want to have to click on every cell to do it, I would like to highlight the entire row and change colors that way. I hope that makes sense.

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There used to be in S4, but not in S5. ( Hoping) The best you could do if it is, say, all red, is to cut and paste into blue or green

You could create yellow or magenta by copying red to green or blue.

A similar process applies if you have originally blue or green as the sole color.

You will need to  turn on RGB channel level in preferences channel effects to see the individual RGB channels.

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Could you provide a bit more info about what you are trying to do? I must not be understanding something. You can select "control R" and that will select the entire row and the then set  it to what color you want.

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