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Some (Not All) Sequences lagging in show


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Ok guys need some help with 5.3.6 Hub and show player. I have 26 sequences in my show. Yes they all play and all lights work as well.

All the compressed files have been auto created correctly as well the first time I ran the show.

Problem is that 5 songs out of the 26 are lagging between loading and starting in the show player.

The lag time is different anywhere from 30 seconds up to 1 minute from ending of previous to starting of the next. The (loading) is where its hanging up. But only on 5 out of 26 do this.

The rest of the sequences start playing 1-3 seconds from one to the next as it should.

I cant say its because of the size of the sequences, as 2 of the 5 are my smallest sequences. I also do not get any errors through out the entire show.

I know this has been talked about by a few of the experts here, but I cant find the "fix" for it. Anyone able to give me a suggestion on what to try?

Thanks in advance


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You can try checking the "load all files before any are played" box in show editor options, but it didn't work for me either.

If nothing happens to fix it, and it doesn't look like it is, the only workaround I have found is to revert to 5.2.4.and create the playback files manually and then use those playback files for the show.

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Thanks Phil, and yes i do have the "load before play" box checked as you said, and no it didnt work for me either.

Maybe someone from LOR can get in here and help us out.

Thanks again

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I originally reported this in July and did a lot of testing. The only suggestion was the pre load option. It may be the case that certain types of sequence content create this issue, however, for me, everytime I use 5.2.4 for creating and playing the show, everything works just like it used to.

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I totally agree with your theory. If sequence content was the culprit, then it would not work in 5.2.4..... but it does.

NOT liking the idea of having to revert back and forth with this.

I'm pretty sure it is something in the updated version causing the issue.

Maybe the developers will chime in with a solution.

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