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Can't Control Pixels in S5


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So I recently transfered my Halloween Display from S4 to S5 and I'm having issues running the pixels. I have made a preview that contains everything, analog, dumb RGB, and pixels. The preview works, and shows the pixels working fine in Sequencer. However, whenever I try to drive lights, the pixels do not turn on. Every other part of my display, the analog and the dumb RGB, works perfectly. How can I fix this? I suspect it has something to do with the comm listener. I assigned all of the IP addresses from S4, and set the comm listener port to 8837, but still nothing works. Attached you can see my setup. The issue is the Ship Verticals. I have tried changing to port to 8837 and 5568 but nothing seems to work. Thanks


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You changed the default port assignments - which were correct, to something that was wrong.  On the settings for each universe, you should have left the port setting to 5568 (as shown below):


The Comm Listener port from your screen capture of port 8837 is correct.

Part two is make sure that the pixel controllers are set to Unicast and not Multi-cast (since you are specifying destination addresses in NP).


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