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So I have been asked about by a local church about building a mega tree for them and using a few of my tree sequences. Problem is my tree is a 16x50, they want a tree twice as big, a 32x100. Is there a way to get my 800 node sequence to play on a 3200 node tree? 

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The best way is to use the "scale" feature in superstar. Do the following:

1) make a Preview of your 32x100 tree in S5

2) do "insert superstar effect"

3) in superstar, open a .sup file of your 16x50 sequence

4) save it to a new name such as "mySequence_32x100.sup"

5) click on the Edit menu and click on "select all"

6) click on the Tools menu and select "Move or Scale Selected Effects"

7) click on "scale" and set:

  source width = 16     dest width = 32

  source height = 50     dest height = 100

The effects will be adjusted to the new size. There may be effects that you want to touch up. For example, you may want to increase the size of the font being used by any text effects.

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