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Stephan Sherrick

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I have a sequence that was shared to me that has sequencing for 16 CCR strands.  In the sequence it shows as DMXCCR01 through DMXCCR16, each expands to P01 through P50 and each of those break down to separate RGB rows.  My question is whether or not I can use this data with regular smart pixels.  I am using S5 Pro, 5.3.8.  is it possible to set up a prop to use this type of data in addition to regular motion effects rows?


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All it means is that the tree sequence was exported for use in E1.31 controller. You can copy and paste the sequencing to your tree as the channel number should be the same.

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Thanks for the reply.  I didn't understand what using channel level meant.  Now that I see how it works, I really like the ability to control individual pixels.  Thanks again for the help.

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